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2015……….The year of the Retirement Plan!

In China they are currently celebrating The Year of The Horse. The Chinese year runs from 31st of January 2014 to the 18th of February 2015. They celebrate the year of the horse as the horse is to them a symbol of travelling swiftly to victory. In Ireland we don’t normally designate different years to

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Who in the name of God will play with him?

I was recently looking at a list compiled by Brian Keogh of the all-time top 100 Irish amateur golfers. Naturally this list is a very subjective one but it was based on successes in championships and the number of international caps received. It is a fascinating piece of work. 7 of the golfers mentioned in

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2015 came in more quietly

This time last year Ireland was hit with some really awful storms that caused much coastal damage. This year the start of the year was much gentler. These two photos were taken on the 3rd of January and the beauty of Derrynane and Kerry in the winter time when the sun shines never ceases to

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