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Use it or lose it!

Gerry Duffy the man who ran 32 marathons in 32 days, kindly sent me a copy of his latest book “The Goal Getter”. I was very pleased to receive it as I am a big fan of his. He gave us a wonderful talk at a City Life Galway seminar a few years ago. He

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The Black Valley

We had a few days in Kerry last month. November is probably an unusual time to spend time in Kerry but it did give us the opportunity to have most of the county and the roads, more or less to ourselves. This is a good feeling as their roads, especially around The Ring of Kerry

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Winter Golf

Henry Longhurst the wonderful UK golf writer and commentator, when talking about winter golf in this part of the world used to say” The trouble about playing golf in the winter, is that we need to wear at least three sweaters. The problem is though, that if we wear three sweaters, we can’t play golf”.

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Incy wincy spider!

I photographed this little beauty outside our front door the other morning. The web is a masterful bit of design and construction as Incy Wincy lies in wait for some unsuspecting flying insect. I wondered how long it might have taken the spider to construct its web and so I checked and learned that it

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Use it or lose it!

In January of this year in one of my blogs, for a bit of fun and a bit of a challenge I designated 2015 as the year of the retirement plan. The reason for this was to try to encourage young people, and indeed other financial advisors to try to get their friends and customers

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