This time last year Ireland was hit with some really awful storms that caused much coastal damage. This year the start of the year was much gentler.

These two photos were taken on the 3rd of January and the beauty of Derrynane and Kerry in the winter time when the sun shines never ceases to amaze. Both photos are of the back estuary behind the main Derrynane Beach looking towards the village of Caherdaniel and I hope you enjoy them.

Above the village of Caherdaniel is mostly mountainy country and land that is good for sheep grazing. My god- son Brian shared a Kerry story recently with my son Owen and it happened last summer just above the village of Caherdaniel. I hope you enjoy it

Since the 1960’s when the great Gaelic football managers Mick O Dwyer from Kerry and Kevin Heffernan of Dublin managed their respective counties there has been very strong rivalry between the two counties and I might go as far as to say that at times there is not much love lost between their respective supporters.

Last summer was mostly a hot one and a Dublin man was cycling around the Ring of Kerry and was nearing the village of Caherdaniel. In need of a cool drink of water he spots a stream just over the ditch. He drops the bike and just as he is about to put his hands together to scoop some water from the stream there is a loud shout from the Kerry farmer who is tending his sheep with his dogs in the field above.

“Don’t drink from that water he shouts down to the Dublin man “the sheep and the dogs have been peeing into it”

“What’s that” said the cyclist not understanding the strong Kerry accent “I didn’t get what you said I am from Dublin”

Even louder this time from the farmer above” I said “cusp your two hands together and have a good long drink from that lovely cool stream as there are wonderful natural minerals in it!”

So here we are starting a New Year one we have never seen before a year probably with plenty of new challenges. I hope it will be a good one for all of us…

Happy New Year

Ted Dwyer Family Business

January 2015

Ted Dwyer is the Founding Director of City Life Wealth Advisors a family business in Cork