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Daylight Robbery

I want to tell you a story of what happened in Ireland 4 years ago and to quote my friend David Woods, I ask the people of Ireland “Where is the outrage?” Let’s say that you being a prudent person had decided that you wanted to save up some money to sustain yourself in your

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We Love you Warren Gatland

The timing of our flight for a week’s holiday in The Canaries starting last Saturday week was unfortunate as we were in the air for the Irish Welch rugby match and it wasn’t until the plane landed that we heard the result a resounding win for Ireland by 26 points to 3 over the champions

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The recovery of Cork

I listened with interest this morning to a podcast of an interview by Peter Day of the BBC Radio 4 which was broadcast on 26th of January. Thanks Josephine for the link. I thought it was a splendid overview on how the crisis affected Cork in particular and in some short snappy interviews with some

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