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The Start of The Beginning

Last Sunday the 15th of December 2013 was the date that Ireland officially emerged from the EU bailout. That day marked the start of the beginning and not the end of anything. As Monday was the same as Sunday! There are however some grounds for optimism as the number of people unemployed in Ireland is

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Sneem Triathlon 2013

The Dwyer Team Sometimes when you look back at an event it is interesting to recall what happened in the past leading up to the event. The event was the Sneem Triathlon 2013 when all four of our children took part. There was nothing in their breeding to suggest that this should happen!

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Four Simple ways to build a Good Business Relationship

I gave a short talk to the Cork Chamber of Commerce annual conference a few years ago and I mentioned that forming better Business Relationships is really rather easy and all we have to do is just four things well each time we have a business opportunity: 1) We should show up on time for our meetings

Fly fishing for salmon

Henry Wall Fishing for Salmon on the River Blackwater My grandfather George Dwyer was a great man to catch a salmon and used to fish regularly with his good friend Dick Lord who married Billy Dwyer’s daughter Doreen. Talking to Dick a few years ago before he died he said that he and

Take on support and watch your business grow

For many years I went to the annual meeting of the MDRT (million dollar round table)a world wide association of financial advisors. Each year up to 7,000 of us from all over the world would gather in a large conference centre in a major city in America or Canada and share business ideas that worked

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